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Warning: 100-year climate disasters every 100 days

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (MarketWatch) — Warning: 100-year megafires, 100-year megafloods, 100-year droughts and all the other 100-year-cycle climate-change and global-warming disasters that are supposed to happen somewhere around the world once a century? Science is now telling us they’re happening every 100 days or less. And that’s not only costly for the world, the news is bad for climate-science deniers.

Breaking news tells the real story ... Colorado flooding out of control... Arizona megafires ... Oklahoma tornadoes ... Jersey Shore’s superstorm ... Yosemite Rim fire ... Africa floods ... hurricanes in Mexico... Japan’s typhoons ... Chinese earthquakes ... Corn Belt losing half its ground water. The climate-disaster news is so relentless, our minds have to tune it out to keep our sanity. So we distract ourselves in television, get lost in social media, focus on America’s dysfunctional political drama.

The climate-science deniers can deny the trend all they want, but one thing is certain from this relentless stream of climate-disaster news: Our insurance costs will just keep going up, up, up thanks to the accelerating pressure driving all these relentless climate disasters.

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