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SA power: 'World's largest virtual power plant' switched on at West Lakes in Adelaide

What is being called the world's largest residential virtual power plant (VPP) has gone live in suburban Adelaide, where reliability of power supply is the dominant public policy issue.

Key Points

  • The VPP is an initiative of power company AGL
  • involves solar panels and battery storage at hundreds of properties being linked together to form a five-megawatt virtual solar power station
  • customers store and use more of their power and reduce grid reliance in peak demand
  • different to standard home battery storage because the batteries' operation can be directed remotely
  • The batteries can also be directed - all at once - to service the grid when overall system stability or reliability is under pressure

It is good to see that even power companies like AGL are taking renewables seriously and working to overcome grid problems with innovative projects like this.

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