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Hazelwood power station closure: Tony Abbott urges Malcom Turnbull to intervene to save electricity plant

Former prime minister Tony Abbott and a coalition of businesses is pressuring Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to intervene to stop the closure of Victoria's Hazelwood power station to prevent a possible electricity crisis.

Mr Abbott used a newspaper column to warn of "looming summer blackouts" and described the closure of the Gippsland plant - scheduled for next week - as "the last thing we should be doing".

But Mr Turnbull said there was more than enough extra capacity in the national electricity generation system to compensate for the plant's closure, which was a commercial decision taken by its owner, Engie.

Tony Abbott seems to be doing thi regularly now. I wonder is he is planning a good old back stabbing.

Key Points

  • Mr Abbott said the Government should spend the money required to keep the plant operating
  • "If we want secure and affordable power supplies, we can't lose the ones we have, even if they involve burning coal."
  • AIG chief executive Innes Willox said business leaders feared there could be a power crisis next summer.
  • Engie chief executive Alex Keisser said he did not believe keeping Hazelwood was a realistic option.
  • Victoria's Energy Minister Lily D'Ambrosio said Mr Abbott's intervention was "giving false hope to a community already under duress"
  • "There are power generation resources available in Victoria and the NEM (National Electricity Market) that are currently not operating at all or to their full capacity that can be made available to replace the power currently supplied by Hazelwood," AEMO said.

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