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Claiming travel allowance while staying at a relative's 'passes sniff test', Malcolm Turnbull says

Paying politicians almost $280 a night to stay at a property owned by a relative passes the pub test, says Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

The payments have come under scrutiny following a report by Fairfax Media, which said government frontbencher Michael McCormack stayed at his wife's Canberra investment property while claiming the allowance.

The Nationals MP reportedly claimed more than $48,000 in Canberra travel allowances between May 2013 and June 2016 to stay at the property, purchased in 2013.

Our self entitled politicians seem to be milking the parlimentry allowances system again.

The only sniff test this passes is that it smells like BS.

Seems to be the only thing federal Liberal and Labor partes agree on, keeping their overly generous allowances.

One Nation's Bob Day has taken it to a new level by setting up his official office in a building that he owns.

Sorry, a company that he owns gave a friend's company the money to buy the building from his company so that it would be above board.

Key Points

  • Michael McCormack claimed more than $48,000 in three-year period to stay in wife's Canberra investment property
  • Malcolm Turnbull said those travel allowance claims passed the "sniff test"
  • A review into parliamentary entitlements system said current arrangements for overnight stays in Canberra were reasonable
  • Federal politicians get an overnight travel allowance of $276 a night when staying in Canberra, with the exception of ACT-based MPs and senators, who receive $87.

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