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Senior ministers at odds over readiness of new coal-fired power stations

Senior Turnbull government ministers are publicly at odds over the timing of new investment in coal-fired power - with the resources minister suggesting Asian and domestic investors "are very interested" and could build a plant within three years, and the energy minister arguing any investment would be "a long way off."

The resources minister, Matt Canavan, told 2GB on Monday that proponents of "clean" coal-fired power had told him a new power station could be operational in Australia within three years.

"There are people that are very interested," Canavan said. "There are people who are interested in selling their technology and there are people that are interested in adopting it and owning a station here."

I love it when reality bites.

After all the hype an promises about so called "clean coal", watch the roaches scatter when it is time to put a date on it.

All of a sudden they realise that they have been promising something that does not exist. Energy minister Josh Frydenberg is now saying that "clean coal" power stations are a long way off. However other senior figures seem to think they can have one built in just three years.

According to some energy analysists, the technology will not be viable until at least 2030

Not even the current coal fired power station owners want any new coal power in their mix.

What I suspect will happen is that tax payers will pay for the construction of a new coal fired power station and the operatior will promise to add carbon capture when the technology become viable.

Of course it never will and by the time we realise it, we will have invested too much to turn back. Its called a bait and switch routine.

Also, looks like Clive Palmer is interested in getting his hands on some of that tax payer cash.

I am sure we can trust him after what happend to Queensland Nickel

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