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CSIRO, Energy Networks Australia lay out roadmap for emissions-free future

Federal and state governments have been told Australia could generate electricity with no carbon emissions by 2050, but a carbon price will be needed to achieve that.

Energy Networks Australia and the CSIRO have spent two years analysing the future of the electricity system.

Their roadmap says a national energy plan with an emissions intensity scheme starting by 2020 should be part of a successful energy transition.

Key Points

  • Australia will need "stable and enduring carbon policy" to reach energy goals, Energy Networks Australia says
  • Roadmap says 25 new large-scale solar or wind farms will be needed in the next five years
  • Rooftop solar and battery storage will play key roles

Excellent report, too bad the government will ignore it.

They will continue to ignore it until someone comes up with a way for them to get billions in revenue from renewables.

Update: Electricity emissions-free by 2050: report

Seems that Josh Frydenberg has already pissed on the idea, from the article:

"We've made it very clear we won't be taking up an emissions intensity scheme," Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg told ABC radio

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