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Our whole society/country/planet seems to be heading firmly down a path of self destruction and delusion.

Politicialns are so busy trying to win points off each other, they have forgotten what the are actually there for, to look after the best interest of us, the people.

There is a big difference between what is best for the country, and what is best for the people of the country. Unfortunately the current generation of politicians are firmly stuck in the past and cling to outdated measurements of "jobs and growth" to determine their performance.

There a a few things wrong with this:

  • The concept of "economic growth" is dated. Physics 101, the planet is a finite system, indefinite growth is impossible (just ask the Romans).
  • Jobs and Grows can easily be bought simply by spendig vast amounts of taxpayer dollars.
  • A large portion of the population have a job and don't give a shit about growth. So the politicians are selling, but no-one is buying.

Every time I see a politician interviewed, the same thing happens:

  1. Blame the previous administration (opposition) for "the current mess". This allows them to set the bar nice and low so that even doing nothing what so ever looks good.
  2. Avoid directly answering questions at any cost. Wouldn't want to make a mistake and look stupid on TV.
  3. "Stick to script", ie: only use pre-canned party-approved cliches. Typically this begins by ignoring a question asked and saying something like "I think the important thing here is ... insert cliche here
  4. Show how clever they are by repeately using the interviewer's first name.

Years of doing this have resulted in nearly all politicians sounding exactly the same. Just watch this tragedy of an interview where Leigh Sales from ABC's 7:30 interviews the likely winner of the WA election Mark McGowan.

Now this person is the leader of the Labor Party in WA, and is likely to win the election, yet he refuses to answer any question at all and just keeps repeating party cliches. I am sure there is a clever person in this now world who could teach a parrot to do a similar job.

What idiot or party of idiots would think that saying nothing is an election winning tactic ? Seriously, this is a winning performance ? This person actually expects people to vote for him based on that crap ? Does he think that we a that stupid ?

Luckily, Leigh Sales is an old hand at interviewing politicians, and is very adept at making them look like mindless morons by not allowing them to get away with it. I guess that is why the federal govenment is going to such great lengths to shut down/defund/change the ABC

Our leaders need to stop the futile persuit of dated concepts and metrics, and start coming up with some ideas for the future, and just maybe um, show some leadership !

With such uninspiring performances from our top politicians, it is no wonder we have seen a rise in populism round the country and indeed the world.

Populism: empathize with the public through rhetoric or unrealistic proposals in order to increase appeal

Somewhere along the way, science, fact and common sense were somehow replaced with opinion and alternate facts, fake news and outright BS.

Now it seems that people can pick and choose what facts they want to believe. Climate change deniers, anivaxers, whatever. We have a new generation of politicians that are capitalising on the Support for these popular but provably wrong ideas that are driven soley by opionion (and in some cases millions from the oil and coal industry).

If the major parties don't pull their finger out soon, they will find themselves fighting over the crumbs from Prime Minister Pauline Hansons table. If you think we are trouble now, by then we will be well and truly *******

Here is an interesting article from Forbes on How Dictators Come To Power In A Democracy . Read it and you will see astounding similarities to Pauline Hanson and Donald Trump. Both have already taken the first steps of controlling the media by excluding news agencies they don't like.

In my opinion, the one thing they can't change is fact. They can publish and repeat "alternate facts", use news agencies that pander to their adjenda, but in the real world fact and science is unchanged. Lies and BS are unsustainable, sooner or later the truth comes out, just ask the Nazi's. History will not forget them.

The Alt Right movememnt started in blogs just like this, so this is my little contribution to counter their misinformation, based on peer reviewed science and fact.

Read, enjoy, get angry !

-- Left Wing


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