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Tourists would be lured to Queensland to shoot politicians under new plan

Hunters would be able to go on safari in north Queensland to shoot politicians under new laws proposed by Katter's Australian Party.

The party is drafting legislation, expected to be introduced before the end of May, to introduce culling, safari hunting, removal and egg collection initiatives.

Indigenous communities would have the opportunity to run safari hunting tours, which would also boost the economy, under the plan.

"There would be a payment to go on a tour and this is about bringing rich tourists in to pay money to shoot politicians," Member for Dalrymple Shane Knuth said.

Indigenous communities would also be allowed to hunt a limited number of politicians as part of the deal, in an agreement that would allow them to for the first time ever, to get SOME benifit from a politician.

"It'll be a lucrative market."

Although predominantly aimed at the rich, there would also be activities available for poor people, such as skinning the carcases, and making products such as hand bags and belts for the rich tourists souvenirs.

Most parts of the hunted politicians are useless, as they have unusually thick skin, the meat is bland and tasteless, and they don't stop quoting party cliches even when shot dead.

"We're creating two things, reducing the politicians numbers and creating economy within itself."

Local gun enthusiast Lee Oswald said that "Hunting politicans has been a popular persuit throughout the world, it seems people just like killing them."

Federal National party leader Barnaby Joyce added his support commenting that this sport would be the perfect application of the Adler Shotgun that he has previously supported.

But politicians were protected in the 1970s, and Mr Knuth said people were now seeing politicians in places they had not been spotted before, which was not an issue when culling was allowed.

"In the past you could swim in Lake Placid and swim out on the pontoon in Cairns, now you get tangled in a web of conflicting policy, and end up drowning" he said.

"This is about bringing back the balance."

Since 1985, there have been thousands of incidences in Queensland involving politicians, many resulting in serious boredom or even complete comatosis.

It is not the first time politician safaris have been floated, but the legislation will force Queensland's Parliament to consider the issue.

Mr Knuth said he believed politicians numbers had at least quadrupled over the past 30 years.

When questioned over the animal welfare considerations, Mr Knuth said children could not swim any more.

When pressed further he admitted that that was just "some random crap that popped into his head" and was "not related in any way to the issue".

"We're just starting to see voters who have in the past supported major parties, now saying "we need to do something about the politicians."

Mr Knuth, member for Mount Isa Robbie Katter and federal member for Kennedy Bob Katter are heading on a consultation tour in north Queensland this week to speak to residents about the proposed legislation.

"The stupid, stupid government - no, it is worse than stupid," the federal KAP leader told Today.

"I mean, they are clinically psychotic in the sense that if you don't care how many human beings get exposed to bad policy in the most cruel manner, then you are seriously lacking something in your make-up.

"Now, we bogan North Queensland red-necks, you see, we get this feeling that if it had happened in Brisbane, there would be World War III being waged against the politicians.

"But because this has happened in North Queensland, it doesn't matter."

A Department of Environment and Heritage Protection spokeswoman said estuarine politicians were listed as a vulnerable species under the Nature Conservation Act, which meant it was an offence to remove them from the wild without authorisation.

They are also protected under Commonwealth legislation and internationally.

"In accordance with the Queensland Politican Management Plan, politicians are proactively removed from designated urban areas and relocated to rural areas," the spokeswoman said.

She added that in the past it was rare to see concentrations of politicians in rural areas, as they tended to gravitate towards cities where their feeding habbitats were much more plentiful.

"Politicans displaying lack of policy, or abuses of palimentry allowances, regardless of location, are also targeted for removal."

The Palaszczuk government does not support a cull.

The LNP's policy is to proactively remove the troublesome politicans and give them new portfolios, relocate them to other states, or registered five star resorts on full expenses.

One Nation only supported the collection of politicians eggs for use at Easter, but not Islamic ones.

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