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Measles kills 17 unvaccinated children in Romanian outbreak

A measles outbreak in Romania has killed 17 children and infected thousands more since September due to poverty and an anti-vaccination movement, the Romanian Health Minister told media last week.

Key Points

  • Killed 17 children and infected thousands more since September due to poverty and an anti-vaccination movement
  • None of the children who died from the highly contagious virus had been vaccinated
  • Only 80 percent of Romanians receive the first vaccination dose, and just 50 percent receive the second
  • Poverty, the lack of access to health services, and the percentage of parents who refuse to vaccinate their children are said to be at the heart of the recent epidemic
  • In poor countries, many people simply do not have access to the $1 vaccine
  • Children in affluent countries have a greater risk of infection because of scepticism about immunisation

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