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'Corrupt' system drives Aust health costs

Australians are paying the highest prices in the world for pacemakers and other medical devices because of "corrupting" forces driving up the cost of private health insurance, an industry insider claims.

Key Points

  • Australians are paying the highest prices in the world for pacemakers and other medical devices
  • Described as a government-sponsored system for artificially fixing prices
  • The system is wasting at least half a billion dollars each year
  • The system is actually rigged and flawed and invites this corrupting factor
  • Device companies are incentivised to charge exorbitant prices and private hospitals are encouraged to share the spoils by accepting or seeking "hidden rebates" in return
  • The bill for the over-priced devices is covered by private health insurers, and in turn, consumers through higher premiums

Highest prices, govenment-sponsered, price fixing, rigged, flawed, corrupting, exorbitant prices, hidden rebates, over-priced.

Says it all really!

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