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Barnaby Joyce thinks that after 14 banks turned it down, the Carmichael coal mine would be a great investment for Australian tax payers

It if finally starting to hit home that coal is a toxic investment.

Banks simply do not want to risk loosing huge amounts of money.

People are starting to see through the "Jobs and Growth" propaganda used by Carmichael supporters like Matt Canavan and Barnaby Joyce.

This means that at any time we could hit a thresh hold that would see a massive swing away from coal leaving anyone heavily invested in it with their pants around their ankles.

It's is easy for Matt Canavan to call Westpac wimps, it is not HIS money that is being risked.

I suppose that is why politicians like Barnaby are so crap, because the are NOT personally invested in their portfolios. So there is no repercussions for loosing $1 billion of tax payer money.

Banks don't have that luxury, so Barnaby, keep your nose out of banks business and stick to what you are good at, whatever that is.

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