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Australian Christian Lobby says it's sick of being bullied by LGBT+ people

Original image from: http://cartoonsmix.com/cartoons/animation-bully-cartoon.html

Australian Christian Lobby says it's sick of being bullied by LGBT+ people

I am always amazed why conservative strait people are so passionate about something that has nothing to do with them.

I actually had to laugh when the used the term "bullying".

LGBTI political movement is fast-becoming one of the biggest threats to basic freedoms Australians have taken for granted for 200 years

Freedoms ? are you kidding me ? Just leave them alone, stop trying to force your conservative BS down there throat, and I am quite sure that the "bulling" will stop.

Seems these conservatives think programs like this are about encouraging kids to question their sexuality. Its about education and tolerance idiots !

It is so you children learn to respect OTHER people right to question their sexuality, instead of marginalising and bullying them because they are different.

The Australian Christian Lobby says it is concerned that marriage equality and programs like Safe Schools are attempts at social engineering which encourage children to question their gender.

Maybe we should also re-introduce caining kids who don't use their right hand to write with too. After all, they might grow up to be lefties !

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