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2018-05-24 David Leyonhjelm supported Adani in Parliament after investing in Abbot Point coal port (ABC News)
2018-04-18 Renewable energy capacity set to exceed target Federal Government said was impossible (ABC News)
2017-11-21 Queensland renewable energy jobs double in four months (Brisbane Times)
2017-11-17 Coalition's crisis has a simple cause: it keeps supporting deeply unpopular policies (Canberra Times)
2017-10-30 Australian emissions to 'far exceed' 2030 Paris pledge as need for action rises: UN (Sydney Morning Herald)
2017-10-02 Adani Carmichael coal mine: Former Indian minister sounds alarm on Adani's track record, mega-mine's viability (ABC News)
2017-09-27 $2.5bn on a coal-fired power station? That's good old pork barrelling (The Guardian)
2017-09-09 Nationals call on Federal Government to phase out renewable energy subsidies (ABC News)
2017-09-12 Glencore's McArthur River Mine pays zero royalties once again; NT considers changes (ABC News)
2015-07-29 No, coal is not good for humanity (ABC News)
2009-12-06 Abbott's climate change policy is bullshit (Sydney Morning Herald)
2017-07-14 The cynical and dishonest denial of climate change has to end: it's time for leadership (The Guardian)
2017-07-20 Power Giant Urges Australia to Exclude Coal in Its Clean Target (Bloomberg)
2017-06-16 13 ways Frydenberg sold 'climate policy' to coal-loving MPs (The Guardian)
2017-04-28 CSIRO, Energy Networks Australia lay out roadmap for emissions-free future (ABC News)
2017-03-28 AEMO releases final report into SA blackout, blames wind farm settings for state-wide power failure (ABC News)
2017-04-10 Renewable energy target of 50pc reached early in South Australia (ABC News)
2017-03-31 Cyclone Debbie hits Queensland farmers hard, hundreds of millions in crops lost (ABC News)
2017-03-27 Facial recognition database used by FBI is out of control, House committee hears (The Guardian)
2017-03-27 Senior ministers at odds over readiness of new coal-fired power stations (The Guardian)
2017-03-24 Claiming travel allowance while staying at a relative's 'passes sniff test', Malcolm Turnbull says (ABC News)
2017-03-21 Most voters in Peter Dutton's electorate oppose subsidising Adani coalmine, poll says (The Guardian)
2017-03-24 Hazelwood power station closure: Tony Abbott urges Malcom Turnbull to intervene to save electricity plant (ABC News (AAP))
2017-03-22 Coal in 'freefall' as new power plants dive by two-thirds (The Gurdian)
2017-03-22 Adani facing growing pressure on fears investors may have been misled (ABC News)
2017-03-23 Only an End to Global Warming Can Save the Great Barrier Reef (Wired)
2017-03-20 How the free market failed Australia and priced us out of our own gas supply (ABC News)
2017-03-18 Adani: Qld Premier, mayors hope to convince company to go ahead with Carmichael mine (ABC News)
2017-03-13 Turnbull ignored advice that renewable energy not to blame for SA blackouts (The Guardian)
2017-03-16 Adani: Queensland leaders reject Chappell brothers' call to ditch Carmichael coal mine (ABC News)
2017-03-17 Vaccination debate flares on NSW north coast after 7yo contracts tetanus (ABC News)
2017-03-14 'Corrupt' system drives Aust health costs (SBS News)
2017-03-16 SA power: 'World's largest virtual power plant' switched on at West Lakes in Adelaide (ABC News)
2017-03-17 Adani: Indian fishermen warn Australia against environmental impact ahead of coal mine talks (ABC News)
2017-03-09 'Clean' coal won't be commercially viable before 2030, energy analysis says (The Guardian)
2017-03-13 Measles kills 17 unvaccinated children in Romanian outbreak (SBS News)
2017-03-10 Energy retailers making millions buying solar power on the cheap from homeowners (ABC News)
2017-03-07 Energy executives say gas market - not windfarms - to blame for South Australia's woes (The Guardian)
2017-02-19 Mining industry tipped millions into pre-election clean coal campaign (The Northern Daily Leader)
2013-09-25 Warning: 100-year climate disasters every 100 days (Marketwatch)
2017-02-01 Barnaby Joyce backs Government funding coal-power stations following Malcolm Turnbull's Press Club address (ABC News)
2017-02-10 Malcolm Turnbull's turnaround on renewable energy, from pro-carbon price to clean coal (ABC News)
2015-12-22 Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has told Adani not to expect any financial help from the state for its Carmichael mine. (SBS News)
2016-01-03 Adani's finances go from bad to worse (Independent Australia)
2017-03-03 Return to public ownership of national electricity grid would reduce costs, says economist (ABC News)
2017-02-28 Clive Palmer company seeking Government assistance to develop "clean coal" plant in Queensland (ABC News)
2016-12-09 Australia won't meet Paris climate change targets, urgent policy needed on emission reduction: Finkel report (ABC News)
2017-03-02 Coal seam gas oversight repeatedly cut by Newman government, cabinet documents reveal (ABC News)
2017-02-27 Company profits surge as wages fall (ABC News)
2017-02-27 100 per cent renewable energy network affordable, secure and 'off the shelf': study (ABC News)
2017-02-23 More health insurers to face legal action for consumer rip-offs: ACCC (ABC News)
2016-08-26 There is no Plan B (SBS News)
2017-02-20 Pre-election coal advertising funded by money meant for clean coal research (ABC News)
2017-02-16 No more coal-fired power stations will be built in Australia, Queensland provider CS Energy says (ABC News)

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