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An Inconvenient Sequel

Honest Government Advert - Adani-Carmichael Coal Mine

If Car Insurance was like Health Insurance

Leftwing Memes

Barnaby Joyce's bundle of cash

If you set the bar low enough, anything is possible

Malcolm Turnbull wishing he had relaxed gun ownership laws

Bad Newspoll day?

Having trouble financing your new mega coal mine ?

Michaelia Cash

Bananaby Joyce

Barnaby Joyce gets starring role in new TV series

Barnaby Joyce - Acting Prime Ministers Checklist

Smile if you are a dual citizen

Bill Shorten is our only hope

Tony Abbott has lost the plot

Tony Abbott on climate change . . . and goats . . .

Barnaby Joyce gets starring role in hit new TV series

Kim Jong Un inspects his new weapon

North Korea suffers a naval disaster

Donald Trump ends the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, also known as Dreamers

Tony Abbot says "vote YES" for marriage Equality

Scott Morrison says SA battery "just like the big banana"

Not everyone Happy at the Ministry of Home Affairs announcement

What is going on inside your head ?

Peter Dutton gets his bone

Barnaby Joyce will only support a CET if it includes coal

Matt Canavan doesn't think we should bother saving the planet

Pauline Hanson thinks Muslims are taking over our suburbs, not according to the census though

Tony Abbott seems bent on taking down Malcolm Turnbull, and the rest of the Liberal Party with him, nice work Tone !

Learning about climate change from nature

Don't stay in parliament after midnight

Greg Hunt, Michael Sukkar and Alan Tudge get off the hook with an apology

Bio Warning for South American Poison Dart Frog

Pauline Hanson wants special needs kids removed from classrooms

Barnaby Joyce is the King of Coal

Malcolm Turnbull reaching out to voters

Vocal climate change denier and renewables opponent Cory Bernardi installs massive solar array on his family home in Adelaide

Tony Abbott's greatest achievement: more than doubling electricity prices in just three years

Josh Frydenbergs attitude to a EIS/LET seems to have changed now his job is on the line

The Liberal party just doesn't get it when it comes to coal and climate change

Is Andrew Bolt a nut ?

ISIS claims responsibility for the 2017-18 budget

Barnaby Joyce is on the carp war path again

Everyone wants an Emissions Intensity Scheme, except for the Liberal National Party, oh and One Nation

The Liberal party will even change the law to support coal

Josh Frydenberg can't think of anything else but coal

Political cliches, you just can't get away from them no matter where you are in the galaxy

Annastacia Palaszczuk backflips on Adanai

Adani doesn't need Australian banks money

Country is going to shit, who is to blame ?

Seems like Pauline Hansons One Nation party is all about making money

As if we haven't given Adani enough, now a discount on royalties, what next ?

Scott Morrisons 2017 budget has no holes . . . apparently . . .

Australian Christian Lobby says it's sick of being bullied by LGBT+ people

Budget reply speech, Liberal party hard at work, everyone seems more interested in Chloe's disappearing necklace

Jackie Lambie thinks politicians should be drug tested

Scott Morrison gets some advice from Inigo Mantoya

Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison try selling Jobs and Growth in the budget AGAIN !

Barnaby Joyce having trouble paying for a beer

Greg Hywood, blood sucking vampire

"The Creation of Adam" as seen through the eyes of a Labor voter

Malcolm Turnbull returns Trumphantly from the US.

Josh Frydenberg ignores advice from CSIRO on 100% renewables by 2050

Everyone knows we NEED jobs and growth Adam !

Last of the "Big Four Banks" says "No" to Adani coal mine

Bad debt is bad M'Kay

Andrew Laming wants our national anthem to better reflect our values, maybe like this

Peter Dutton, or Mr Derp ?

North Korea launches missile at Australia, misses

North Korea missile test failed, again

Peter Dutton finds a fix for the 457 visa problem

Peter Dutton sees a passing thought

Pauline Hanson thinks Islam is a disease and we need to vaccinate ourselves against it, except that she is on the record as being an anti-vaxer

Malcolm Turnbull meets Gutam Adani, will even change the law to get the mine to go ahead

Barnaby Joyce thinks that after 14 banks turned it down, the Carmichael coal mine would be a great investment for Australian tax payers

Malcolm Turnbull will not eat a sausage even for flood victims

Pauline Hason accused of being a ruthless dictator

Pauline Hanson - The Walking Ignorant

A little known faction of the Labor Party plots to overthrow the government

Nick Xenophon has supported $24 billion in tax cuts to business

Tony Abbott loves his precious coal

Annastacia Palaszczuk visits Adani in India with all the Queenslanders who support the Carmichael Coal Mine

Weatherill V Frydenberg

Malcolm Turnbull does not want SA to go it alone on renewables

Scott Morrison seen dining on The Titanic

I don't believe in climate change

Tony Abbott is addicted to coal

Trump Trudeau Hand Shake

There is no such thing as Clean Coal

Coal is good for humanity

Barnaby Joyce Meets James Packer
David Leyonhjelm supported Adani in Parliament after investing in Abbot Point coal port
Renewable energy capacity set to exceed target Federal Government said was impossible
Queensland renewable energy jobs double in four months
Coalition's crisis has a simple cause: it keeps supporting deeply unpopular policies
Australian emissions to 'far exceed' 2030 Paris pledge as need for action rises: UN
Adani Carmichael coal mine: Former Indian minister sounds alarm on Adani's track record, mega-mine's viability
$2.5bn on a coal-fired power station? That's good old pork barrelling
Glencore's McArthur River Mine pays zero royalties once again; NT considers changes
Nationals call on Federal Government to phase out renewable energy subsidies
Power Giant Urges Australia to Exclude Coal in Its Clean Target
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